Miami, Florida based Heart Genomics, LLC (“HeartGen” or the “Company”) is a biotechnology company focused on the commercialization and continued development of genomic-based, clinical diagnostic tests for patients with heart failure. Following 20 years of research and testing at both Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and the University of Miami’s Interdisciplinary Stem Cell Institute, HeartGen’s diagnostic tests are ready for commercialization and use in the burgeoning heart failure field.

Harnessing technologies derived from the Human Genome Project and HeartGen’s proprietary gene signatures, and using technology created by HeartGen’s Co-Founder Joshua M. Hare, MD, HeartGen has novel biomarkers and two different “expression profiling” Diagnostic Tests (“HeartGen5YP” and HeartGenMYO), which measure panels of genes or “gene signatures,” and provide a highly accurate assessment of diagnosis and prognosis of patients with heart failure.  The HeartGen tests employ state of the art human gene expression profiles (proprietary molecular signature analysis, or MSA) for the diagnosis and clinical management of patients with heart failure. 

HeartGen will generate revenue through fee-based profiling of patients with heart failure.   Specifically, HeartGen will offer to heart failure patients around the country two unique and sophisticated clinical laboratory tests – the HeartGen5YP and the HeartGenMYO – through which we will analyze the expression profile of the heart tissue or, once further validated by additional research, the blood sample of the heart failure patients, and then provide the treating physician with a quantitative gene expression profile score. 

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